Meet Our Staff

Shara Boruta

Administrative Assistant

Shara has been with Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery since 2006. As the Administrative Assistant, Shara will assist you with booking your consultation, pre-operative and post operative appointments.  She will also answer any questions you may have regarding any paperwork for your consultation and procedures.  Shara is compassionate about making every patient’s experience rewarding and pleasant.



April Abbott

Office Manager

April joined Dr. Swail’s team in March of 2012.  She brings years of managerial and customer service experience to Dr. Swail’s practice to adequately manage business operations and staff.  She also coordinates company marketing and event planning.  In addition to her office manager responsibilities, she will work closely with you during your consultation appointment to help answer any questions you have regarding financing options, pre operative and post operative instructions.  April will also work with you to coordinate a surgery date that best works with your schedule.  April has a personal passion for providing the highest level of customer service and care to all patients.



Kelsey Higgins

Back Office Manager/ Purchasing Manager

Kelsey has been with Dr. Swail’s practice since 2008.  She is one of our leading patient care coordinators and will help answer any pre operative and post operative questions that you may have regarding your procedure.  In addition, Kelsey assists Dr. Swail in surgery performed here at Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery.  She will be there to care for your needs before, during and after your surgery.  As the Back Office Manager, Kelsey manages our surgical supplies and accounts.  She can answer any questions or concerns in further detail about our implants that we use.  She is proficient in all the latest plastic surgery innovations.  Kelsey thrives on helping patients feel welcome and comfortable.



Allyson Gullette

Surgical Assistant/ Insurance Specialist

Allyson has been with Dr. Swail’s practice since 2007.  Her goal is to help each patient feel as comfortable as possible when they walk through the door.  Allyson assists Dr. Swail with surgery and is one of our leading patient care coordinators.  She will help with answering any pre operative or post operative questions that you may have, and manage before and after care of our patients.  In addition to her Surgical Assistant responsibilities, Allyson also is our Insurance Specialist.  If you are having a procedure that requires prior authorization to be covered by medical insurance, Allyson is the one to speak with.



Mandy Lock

Paramedical Esthetician and Permanent Cosmetic Artist

Mandy joined Dr. Swails team in 2012. She has been a full service licensed Esthetician since 2007, specializing in permanent cosmetics, chemical peels and skin resurfacing such as microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. Mandy is also a certified laser technician who performs laser skin care treatments to improve, correct and maintain each client’s results and desired needs. Mandy provides not only a comfortable environment for her clients but also a friendship. She greatly enjoys helping her clients feel good about themselves and their skin.



Yolanda Hinton, R.N.

Botox / Facial Filler / Laser / Sclerotherapy

Yolanda is a Registered Nurse that has been with Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery since 1993. She has been administering botox ever since it has been available on the market. Yolanda has extensive knowledge in botox and facial fillers due to consistently updating her education and training. Yolanda typically performs injectable procedures, such as Botox, facial fillers and sclerotherapy (spider vein injection). In addition she also provides laser skin care treatments. Yolanda not only treats her patients with professionalism, but establishes an ongoing, trustworthy friendship. Her focus has always been the wellbeing and satisfaction of her patients.