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As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction is designed to ease the physical and emotional discomfort associated with large and heavy breasts. Women can experience pain and discomfort in their shoulders, neck and back due to the excessive weight and ptosis (sagging) of the breasts. With a consistently high patient satisfaction rate, the procedure removes excess breast tissue and reshapes the breast to a more proportional and natural size and shape. A breast lift is often combined with a breast reduction to restore a more natural and youthful position in cases where sagging is extreme.

Breast Reduction Procedure:

The main disadvantage to this procedure is that in order to decrease the size and reshape the breasts, it is necessary to remove skin, and this results in scarring. The most commonly used incision will result in a scar pattern often referred to as an inverted “T” or “anchor” scar. An anchor scar typically goes around the nipple, vertically down and then transversely at the fold under the breast. In cases where less correction is necessary, Dr. Swail can minimize scarring from this procedure by using a shorter scar technique. This can be discussed during an initial consultation with Dr .Swail.

Once the incision is made, underlying breast tissue is reduced, lifted and shaped. In some cases, the nipple and areola may need to be removed and relocated to a higher and more natural location on the breast. In these cases, breast feeding and nipple sensation can be affected. Once the desired contour is achieved, any excess skin is removed from the breast to restore a more natural skin elasticity. The incision lines are permanent, but will fade and improve over time.

Breast Reduction Results

After surgery, patients are typically able to return to light physical activity after 4-7 days and strenuous activity is possible after 4-6 weeks. The results of a breast reduction are immediately visible and will improve as swelling subsides and the incision lines begin to fade. The new reduced breast size alleviates pain and physical limitations that may have been caused by large breasts.

Dr. Swail meets with each patient personally to discuss their desired outcomes and expectations prior to each procedure. This allows Dr. Swail to design a customized procedure to achieve great long-lasting results, following a breast reduction procedure.