Are You Considering Rhinoplasty?

March 10, 2018

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose or if you have difficulty breathing, you may have wondered whether or not surgical intervention could help resolve your concerns. At Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery, our team specializes in helping people reveal their inner beauty by offering innovative plastic surgery services. Dr. Swail has more than 20 years of experience in body, facial, and breast procedures that can provide medical and aesthetic benefits to patients. Contact us at 303-449-6666 to learn more or schedule your consultation online now.

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance facial contours and restore structural harmony in the nose. Below, we have provided some helpful information about the procedure to help you understand what changes are possible with the surgery, the possible benefits, and who might be an ideal candidate for the procedure. Read on to learn more!

Helpful Rhinoplasty Facts

What Changes are Possible?

Many patients are curious about what kind of changes can be made with a rhinoplasty procedure. There are many possibilities, including:

  • Restoring symmetry after an injury
  • Opening obstructed nasal passages
  • Adjusting the size, width, and length of a nose
  • Reducing bumps on the bridge of the nose
  • Aligning a crooked nose
  • And more

Dr. Swail is happy to meet with each patient individually for a consultation to determine which surgical procedure will deliver the most desirable outcome, creating a cosmetic surgery plan based on your needs.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Patients consider rhinoplasty procedures for a wide variety of reasons, and Dr. Swail will explain how you will benefit from the surgery. Common benefits include:

  • Correction of prior unsuccessful rhinoplasty
  • Precise repair of a broken nose
  • Resolution of breathing problems
  • Correction of birth defects
  • Enhanced facial profile and contour
  • Improved self-confidence

Who is a Candidate?

Both men and women, young and old, can benefit from a rhinoplasty procedure. It is important that your facial growth is complete prior to the surgery. For most people, this is usually the case by the time they reach their mid- to late-teens. Additionally, you must be in good overall health, be a non-smoker, and have realistic goals and expectations for enhancing your appearance. These guidelines are set to ensure the best possible surgical outcome for patients, and Dr. Swail is happy to discuss any concerns you might have about your qualifications.

Rhinoplasty Procedure in Boulder

Are you ready to reveal your inner beauty? Whether you desire enhanced facial contours, more symmetry, or you have breathing conditions that you would like to resolve, Dr. Swail is happy to provide a rhinoplasty consultation to speak with you about your individual goals and expectations. Browse our before and after gallery to see examples of Dr. Swail’s rhinoplasty procedures and then contact our office to get started.

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