Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Denver

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Denver

Substantial weight loss, weight gain, aging, or heredity can all cause the skin of the upper arms to become inelastic and loose. A brachioplasty procedure (arm lift) is designed to correct the loose and flabby appearance of the upper arms and restore the skin’s natural elasticity. Exercise may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone, but it cannot address loose skin once it has lost its natural elasticity. Dr. Swail’s brachioplasty procedure reshapes and contours the upper arm where exercise and proper diet have had little to no effect. An arm lift:

  • Reduces excess skin and fat
  • Reshapes the upper arm to deliver smoother skin and contours
  • Results in a more toned and proportionate upper arm appearance

Arm Lift Procedure

There are three common incision locations for a traditional arm lift procedure. The incision location will depend greatly on the amount of correction needed as well as Dr. Swail’s recommendation. The incision can be made on the inner arm, back of the arm, or a minimal incision can be made around the circumference of the arm above the armpit. Dr. Swail will choose an appropriate incision location following a full examination prior to the procedure.

Once the incision is made, the underlying supportive tissue is then tightened and reshaped with internal sutures. By repairing and tightening the underlying muscles, the smooth and firm results can last much longer. Once the internal structure of the upper arm is shaped and contoured to create the desired result, the skin is re-draped over the arm. Any excess skin is then removed and the incision is closed.

In cases where excess fat may affect the contour and shape of the arm, Dr. Swail may use liposuction to remove excess fat deposits to deliver optimal results.

Arm Lift Results

The results of an arm lift are almost immediately visible. Once the swelling and bruising subside, a smooth and firm new contour is revealed. The new shapely and toned upper arm is dramatically improved in both appearance and feel.

Dr. Swail meets with each patient personally to discuss his or her desired results and expectations before each procedure. This allows Dr. Swail to design a customized procedure to achieve great long-lasting results following an arm lift procedure.

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