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Plastic surgery procedures are available to change your physical appearance as well as boost self-confidence and self-esteem. These surgical procedures are designed to reshape your nose or breasts, smooth wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and remove excess fat. They may also be used to correct a problem resulting from a prior surgery, to resolve birth defects, or to reverse the effects of aging. Dr. Swail and Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery offer a wide array of procedures to achieve your desired appearance.

Dr. Swail understands that getting the best results for patients requires knowledge and creativity, in addition to technical mastery of advanced surgical techniques. By offering a number of plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Swail is able to customize each procedure to meet the needs of his patients. This allows him the ability to offer patients results that are second to none. Click any of the links in the menu to the right to learn more about the specific procedures offered by Dr. Swail and Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery.

“Plastic surgery is the most interesting and challenging career I can think of. While there are some surgeries we perform often enough to be considered ‘routine,’ every patient is different and will present their own unique challenges. Getting the best results for your patients requires knowledge and creativity, in addition to technical mastery of surgical technique. My residency training provided me with the necessary fundamentals and my years in practice have given me the experience and judgment to offer my patients results that are second to none.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Swail

Technical mastery Unparalleled results…

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