Thigh Lift

March 23, 2012

A thigh lift is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper legs. The result is smoother skin and better proportioned contours of the thighs. Patients considering a thigh lift often suffer from loose and inelastic skin as a result of extreme weight loss due to diet or bariatric surgery. As a result, Dr. Swail often recommends additional procedures to retain an attractive body proportion. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a breast lift, facelift, and/or an arm lift.

A thigh lift corrects loose or sagging skin on the thigh that cannot be corrected by proper diet or exercise. Where exercise my fall short, a thigh lift helps to achieve a firmer, more youthful-looking and more proportional thigh appearance.

Thigh Lift Procedure

There are two types of thigh lift procedures designed to treat different areas of the thigh which include different incision locations. The two thigh lifts include a medial thigh lift (inner thigh lift) and a lateral thigh lift (outer thigh lift).

  • Medial (Inner) Thigh Lift: The incision is made along the line where the leg meets the groin.
  • Lateral (Outer) Thigh Lift: An incision is made from the groin around the back of the body, allowing the buttocks to be lifted along with the thigh.

The size of the incision will vary greatly depending on the amount of correction needed. In most cases, the incision can be made in inconspicuous areas of the body that can be concealed by most types of clothing and swimsuits. In some cases, the incision may be extensive, resulting in more visible scarring.

Once the incision is made, the underlying tissue will be reshaped and tightened to create a smoother and firm contour. The skin is then re-draped over the thigh and excess skin is removed and incision is closed.

Thigh Lift Results

The smoother and firm contour of the upper leg is almost immediately apparent following the procedure. The final results will be initially obscured by swelling and bruising, but the results will improve as the thigh begins to heal. In most cases, a compression garment is worn for several weeks following the procedure to minimize swelling and support the newly repaired tissues as they heal.

Dr. Swail meets with each patient personally to discuss their desired outcomes and expectations prior to each procedure. This allows Dr. Swail to design a customized procedure to achieve great long-lasting results, following a thigh lift procedure.

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