How to Preserve Your Liposuction Results

September 22, 2017

Before committing to undergoing a liposuction procedure, you must be certain that you can commit to maintaining your weight by living a healthier lifestyle. Liposuction can eliminate your unwanted fat, but it cannot prevent fat from coming back if you neglect to care for your body.

Liposuction works by suctioning out excess fat through small incisions made on your body. Although these fat deposits are now permanently gone, the potential to accumulate fat is still there. By committing to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can make your liposuction results permanent and improve your overall quality of life.

Ask your doctor about the steps you can take to improve your lifestyle prior to having your liposuction procedure. Once you have found a plan that works for you, contact Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery to schedule a consolation for your liposuction procedure.

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