Is Your Skin Making You Look Tired and Aged?

May 12, 2017

Our skin is exposed to a number of harmful and damaging factors on a daily basis. Over time, these factors can cause our skin to become rough and can leave it looking weathered and aged. Because our skin plays a large role in our appearance, if it is not healthy and soft, this can have a large impact on our overall look.

If your skin has a poor texture and an aged appearance, then our MicroLaserPeel treatment may be your ideal solution. The treatment removes the damaged top layer of skin using a source of focused laser energy to precisely target the area. The laser also promotes the production of new skin cells, collagen, and other essential proteins for strong and healthy skin.

If you want to revitalize your skin so you can have a youthful, fresh, and vibrant appearance, contact our office to schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Swail.

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