The Common Signs of Aging That a Facelift Can Treat

December 16, 2016

Signs of aging can have a significant impact on your overall look. Procedures like the facelift are designed to help restore the youthful look that is diminished when signs of aging become apparent on the face. There are several noticeable signs of aging that a facelift addresses.

Loose skin and excess fat that builds up around the mid-face, jaw, and chin can give you a droopy and weathered look. A facelift removes the excess skin and fat to create a smoother and tighter surface. Deep creases around the eyelids and along the nose can be reduced, and jowls can be treated to give your face a rejuvenated look.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Swail has been providing patients with excellent results from their surgical procedures and has maintained the same standard of excellence for over 20 years. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your facelift.

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