The Two Options You Have for Your Thigh Lift

February 17, 2017

The thigh lift procedure is designed to tighten the skin of your thighs and reduce the presence of excess fat in order to enhance their definition and appeal. There are two main options for your thigh lift procedure: the medial thigh lift and the lateral thigh lift.

The medial thigh lift, also known as an inner thigh lift, targets the excess skin and fat around your inner thigh. The incision for this procedure is made along the fold where the groin and thigh meet.

The lateral thigh lift focuses on the outer area of your thighs. The incision is made from the lower back to the groin in order to allow board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Swail to lift both the thigh and the butt, providing more comprehensive results.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your thigh lift procedure. Dr. Swail will discuss your aesthetic needs to help determine which option is best for you.

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