Who Is a Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

May 20, 2018

Have you been thinking about scheduling a plastic surgery consultation, but you aren’t quite sure whether or not you would make a good candidate? Procedures like tummy tucks, nose jobs, and liposuction all have different pre-surgery requirements, but for all cosmetic surgeries, there are four qualities that the ideal surgical candidate will possess. If you’d like more information about ideal candidates, then the helpful team at Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery would love to speak with you about your goals and motivations. Contact our plastic surgery center at 303-449-6666 or schedule your free consultation today.

Requirements for Plastic Surgery Patients

Timing is Everything

When considering a plastic surgery procedure, the timing of the proposed surgery is very important. Patients must be a good candidate in their current life phase for the procedure they want. For example, mothers who are thinking about having a mommy makeover should be sure that they will not be having more children and that their weight has stabilized since they had their last child. Likewise, a woman who is considering breast augmentation should be old enough to ensure her breasts have finished developing.

No Smoking, Please

Of course, we all know that smoking is bad for your health, but nicotine can downright sabotage your plastic surgery results. This is because it constricts your blood vessels, and any form of nicotine used before or after your surgery could hamper your healing process. Additionally, smokers are at an increased risk of infection, increased pain, worse scarring, and even life-threatening complications. Dr. Swail can explain this in more detail during your consultation.

Good Physical and Psychological Health

In order to ensure optimal recovery from your procedure, it is essential that you be in good physical health before the surgery. If you have health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, you’ll need to be cleared by your doctor before you can pursue plastic surgery. Your psychological health is important, also. While cosmetic procedures can do wonders for confidence and self-esteem, they should not be thought of as a cure-all for other mental health conditions.

Realistic Expectations

During your consultation, Dr. Swail will speak with you to ensure that he understands your goals and expectations from receiving plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures can produce incredible results that can be life-changing for many patients, but it is important that you have realistic goals. The last thing you want is to feel disappointed with the outcome of your procedure, and our team will work with you to ensure you know what results your procedure can provide, and those it cannot.

Boulder Plastic Surgery Center

Are you ready to learn more about the cosmetic surgery options available to you? At Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery, our staff does everything we can to ensure you are educated about and comfortable with your scheduled procedure, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact our plastic surgery center today to get started.

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