Total Body Transformation by Combining Cosmetic Procedures

May 16, 2024

When it comes to achieving your desired look, there are often multiple areas of the body that you may want to focus on. You could be interested in getting a tummy tuck to firm up your stomach, as well as considering a breast lift or augmentation. However, you may believe it to be overwhelming to consider the possibility of undergoing multiple surgeries, whether it is due to financial constraints or the lengthy recovery periods.
Luckily, Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery understands both the financial and physical burdens that can occur with cosmetic surgery and provides the option to undergo multiple surgeries simultaneously to alleviate some of this concern. Whenever possible, Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery combines procedures to provide a cost-effective solution that consolidates recovery and keeps you from missing multiple spells of work.

Save on Costs
Saving on costs is an extremely attractive offer for plastic surgery. Spending the money on multiple procedures over the course of the year can end up costing a lot. However, combining procedures can significantly cut costs while getting all of the same benefits.
A notable example of this is a mommy makeover, which includes abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation. This is a solution provided for mothers who are done having children and want to help restore their midsections both aesthetically and functionally.

One Recovery Period
Recovery from major cosmetic surgery takes time, and as we all know, time is an extremely important commodity. Each plastic surgery procedure with Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery will likely require some time off of work, and significant coordination with friends or family to help you with your daily activity while you recover.
If you think that two or three surgeries are in your future plans, that would be two or three different time off requests and coordination efforts. This costs you vacation days, time (yours and that of your family/friends), and multiple periods missing out on activities you cannot do while you recover.
Arranging multiple surgeries simultaneously with Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery can significantly reduce the time you need to reach your goals. It typically takes around 8 weeks for a full recovery after a tummy tuck, during which you may need to limit your normal activities. The recovery time for a breast augmentation is typically around 6 weeks. When done individually, that amounts to a total of 14 weeks for recovery. By combining the two, the overall recovery time can range from 8 to 10 weeks. That is a significant amount of recovery time saved by combining procedures!

Potential Procedures to Combine
Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery provides a variety of procedures that could potentially be combined.
• Tummy Tuck
• Breast Procedures
• Brazilian Butt Lift
• Lower Back Lift
• Liposuction
If you have ideas on multiple procedures you are interested in, ask Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery about combinations!

As always, the first step to reaching your combination procedure goals is to schedule a consultation with Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery. We can discuss all the available options, find a combination that aligns with your desired look, and create a plan to help you achieve your ideal physique. Reach out today!

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